Friday, October 9, 2009

Jaded Beauty


This piece was a bit of a stretch for me in the subject matter. I've really been into the work of Michael Hussar lately and this piece definitely reflects that. It's called Jaded beauty because it repressents my home town of Santa Cruz which is in and of itself a beautiful place and it is my home but at the same time I feel like the beauty has been jaded by the lack of drive and motivation by the people that live there. The figure is the death of the place in my heart I once held for it. The owl is me.


*** said...

The owl is soo creepy!

Daniel Valadez said...

nicely painted owl, the owl is creepy but than again so is the entire painting! I dig it.

love all that texture!

Emm said...

i love owls. It looks excellent!

Anonymous said...

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